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An Introduction to The Bodybuilding Supplements Supplements used for the body building purposes are in general some dietary products used by the body builders and athletes all around the world. The Bodybuilding Supplements find multiple applications in the individual’s life which include enhancement of...
What is the importance of supplements for health enthusiasts? As a matter of fact it should be realized that the Bodybuilding Supplements not only builds the muscles but also provide the body with the necessary nutrition required. This helps the individual to enhance his training level along with maintenance of a st...
Differences between the whey protein & casein protein There are two types of protein found in the milk namely the whey and the casein. In the human milk the protein concentration is divided as 60 % Whey and 40 % casein. Whereas in cow milk the Whey amount is 20 % and the casein occupies the remaining 80 %. However...